Corrupted SD Cards: A Quick Review

SD cards are a blessing when it comes to storing files and a huge amount of data while making it all portable and accessible at the same time. This one article is all going to be about corrupted SD cards so that you can deal with them better and take effective measures at the right time to minimize the damage such a situation might cause.

What may cause the problem?

We are often sitting wondering what exactly is it that may cause our SD card to get corrupted and lose all the data that we have been storing. To be honest, there is no one reason for it. It could be for multiple reasons and thus knowing them all is important to keep things in control.

  • Malware attack
  • Mistakes encountered when changing the format of the card
  • Continuing to take pictures when the card is full
  • The error of the file system
  • Using one card on multiple systems
  • Removing the card abruptly or inappropriately.

So, if you have committed one or more of the sins mentioned above then be prepared to experience the corrupt SD card the next time you think of using it.

How to tell? ?

So, what are some of the tell-tale signs that you are now left with a memory card which is damaged and would require you to take immediate steps to rectify the situation at hand? Given below are some of the symptoms of a damaged SD card that you need to be on the lookout for.

  • Missing files that are nowhere to be found
  • The camera would refuse to take any more pictures and would continue showing a black screen
  • An error message would be displayed stating that the system has failed to read from the device that is attached
  • The error would be encountered when copying files from or to the card
  • Formatting error when the card would be inserted
  • Card would be displayed as having no files and being empty
  • Failure to read and write
  • Failure of the system to initialize the card

What to do if you have a damaged SD card?

To prevent any such incident from occurring, here is what you would need to do when you bring home an SD card for the first time or start using one for the matter.

  • Format it the first time you attach it to your system
  • Always use multiple cards, smaller ones, than carrying one big one
  • Avoid using the same card on multiple systems
  • Always remove the car appropriately from the system and switch the device/system off before detaching it
  • Regular scanning of the card helps detect viruses

If something this unfortunate happens, the first thing you need to do is stop using the card instantly. Do not format the card or try to overwrite any file on the card. For SD card recovery you can make use of a reliable software as well which will not only help you find the lost files but also bring all the lost data back.

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