Crazy Eights Free – for iPhone and iPad: Review And Features

Description of Crazy Eights Free – for iPhone and iPad Review

Crazy Eights is the familiar card game everyone has ever played!

Crazy Eights is 100% free game. There are no pop-up or full-screen ads. There is also no stupid in-app purchase.

The players roll the top card of the discard pile, starting with the player left by the dealer. If a player is unable to reach the rank or color of the top card of the discard pile, he has no eight
draw a card from the supply. If he has a card, he can play it, otherwise the move passes to the next player. He still has no card and passes a move on to a next player. When a player plays an eight, he or she must specify the color the next player should play.

As an example, once the six clubs have been played, the next player can:
1. Play one of the other sixes
2. Play one of the clubs
3. play any eight (must explain the lawsuit)
4. Draw from the heap

Points are spent on all cards available at the end of a round – 25 points for an eight,
10 points for a face card and a face value for a point card. Play over once looser reaches 100 points,
At this time, the winner is the one with the lowest score.

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