Crazy Rich Asians director shoots poor short film on iPhone XS Max

Do you need further evidence that iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's most wonderful devices?

Director of hit movies, John Choo Abundant Asian tits It was decided to shoot a new short film filmed with iPhone XS Max. This is not the first time that director of A list made a movie using iPhone, but what is clearly visible from Chu's short film is that he did not use equipment. Without lens No lighting stabilizer None. Only the iPhone in his hand.

A complete short film is here:

Mr. Chu said in an interview with Wired that it is trying to push the iPhone XS Max to its limit by shooting in difficult situations. While the rest of the outdoor scene was dark, shooting the garage parked away was fine. Even when moving without a stabilizer, impressive results were obtained.

"I have been moving all the time, although the accent was working, I had adjusted it, but finding the subject is a good thing," said Chu. "Where I go to the garage in a hurry, stabilizers are built in. It's pretty smooth.

The camera of iPhone XS Max is impressive, but I have to say that the cinema is not attractive. Luis Rosad is practicing a dance step in LA's garage. There are people who will attract themselves to be the best, so you should give inspiration to you. However, as most of the people doing stupid things on YouTube's cliffs are filmed on the iPhone, he thought he could do something cool even if he had his own. One night, shoot it.

The video is beautiful and everything is one scene taken from two different angles, especially considering that it was filmed on the iPhone, but it is really not very innovative. Maybe that is the whole point. Everyone can now put a iPhone in their pocket and make a translucent short film.

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