Critical infrastructure will have to operate if there#039;s malware on it or not

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Cyber ​​security experts are expected to threaten critical infrastructure and cyber attacks in the near future, so even if there are malware or threats on the network, companies and government agencies are ready to operate the network It should be.

The idea is that cyber attacks should not cause downtime in any form and the network must be designed so that the presence of an attacker does not affect the availability of end users' networks.

Experts who believe in this approach are Robert Wheeler, Secretary of State Robert Wheeler who retired from the US Air Force, Former Control, Control, Communications, Computer Deputy Director (CIO) and IT Infrastructure (DCIO of C4IIC).

Also, the State Department has low adoption of multi-factor authentication

General Major announced this view at a webinar organized by Virsec, a cyber security company in California last week.

"That is where we have to go," General Wheeler said. "Many networks in our lives, regardless of whether they are important infrastructure or future networks, in smart cities need to work regardless of malware, whether or not they are intruded.

Wheeler added, "This is another concept." Most networks are not designed with security in mind, and of course threat actors. It exists in them.

"Since I designed the network so that I can effectively utilize data, I regenerated all the feelings I needed at that moment. [The networks] It is not designed to protect you from cyber security [threats]I thought that there was a bad man and immediately shut it down. It was as easy as that, "he said.

"You can not do it anymore … They are essential for commands and control, they are essential for common functions, it is essential to control the various systems there.

"Taking this particular aspect into account, we must act on this point: We must decide whether to make it an important infrastructure, election it, […] We can not end reasons that they try to understand it for two weeks. They will have to work with bad people on the network, "he added.

"How do you do?" They have to separate it …

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