Crucial MX300 SSD review: Affordable, efficient and fast

Crucial MX300 750GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT750MX300SSD1


Crucial MX300 SSD review Affordable efficient and fast

Crucial is well known for delivering top performing SSDs. When SSDs began appearing in the consumer space, Crucial was first to leverage the SATA III interface. On the time, Crucial’s RealSSD C300 set the world ablaze with unmatched performance over a 6Gb/s interface, thus cementing Crucial as a go-to selection for top performing consumer-based non-volatile storage solutions.

The MX300 SSD promises to deliver single-level cell endurance and triple-level cell density and value to customers. The MX300 is only available in 750GB 2.5-inch form factor, but there are more devices for release later in 2016. Crucial claims transfer speeds of 530MB/s read and 510MB/s write, as well as an endurance rating of 220 TBW.


Capacity: MX300 750GB

Form Factors: 2.5″

Controller: Marvell 88SS1074

NAND: Micron 384Gbit 32-layer 3D TLC


Sequential Read: 530MB/s

Sequential Write: 510MB/s

4KB Random Read: 92K IOPS

4KB Random Write: 83K IOPS

Dynamic Write Acceleration: Yes

DevSleep Power: 4mW

Slumber Power: 75mW

Max Power: 5.2W

Endurance: 220TB

Price: $199.99 (MSRP)

For the past of few years, their top of this line model was the MX series, and it is still arguably linchpin which keeps Crucial in the forefront of many customers’ minds when making an SSD buying choice. Extra importantly, this line is the very epitome of ‘change’. The original MX100 model launched 16nm 128Gbit NAND, whereas the second-generation MX200 made Drive Write Acceleration a household name outside of TLC-based models. For the all-new third generation, MX300 Limited Edition Crucial has continued this tradition of making huge modifications and changing the method in which mainstream solid-state drives were designed. This time Crucial is bringing the 3D NAND to the masses. Fairly noteworthy is this is also the first ‘M’ series (let alone ‘MX’) model to be based upon the TLC and rather than MLC class NAND.

Crucial’s MX300 is out there in only 750GB capacity and cased design form factor till now. Crucial MX300 SSD has a limited warranty of three-year. It also included a key for downloading Acronis HD cloning software. Crucial announced a new ‘limited edition’ SSD that the company believes we’ll help exhibit their Micron 3D TLC NAND Flash memory technology.

The drives offer read speeds of up to 530MBps with write the speeds up to 510MBps and have an endurance rating up to 220TB total bytes written, meaning that they should far outlive the three-year warranty. Crucial has held back on the delivering Vertical NAND drives up to now, and last of the year’s MX200 managed to deliver without modern technology. Crucial also has an entry level line, the BX series, which will probably not see like 3D NAND for a while as of two ranges seem to have drifted closer together in recent years.

The Micron which is the latest semiconductor manufacturer to move from planar 2D TLC NAND to 3D TLC NAND which helps in improving endurance and performance. By moving to 3D TLC NAND, they have to change their controllers to support the move to and went with the Marvell 88SS1074 controller with the Crucial custom firmware on the new Crucial MX300 SSD series.

Crucial’s MX300 is an exciting addition since the plan is to offer initially the SATA-based 750GB version we’re reviewing here today. Then throughout the remainder of the year 2016, they want to continue the model’s cadence to the other capacities and additional form factors similar M.2.

Recently than the odd staggering of SKU release dates, the MX300 doesn’t represent an enhancement over the MX200, and that may be probably more problematic. As this matter of fact from a raw specifications standpoint, this latest drive has lower read/write throughput numbers, consumes the slightly more power when in the use and even requires a bit more per GB than its predecessor. The only potential area of the improvement we can detect is the standby power which reduced from 100mW to 75mW.

Any talk about 3D NAND is often based mostly about Micron tie-up with Intel for the XPoint 3D NAND project. MX300 series uses the companies Gen1 32-layer 3D TLC  NAND instead of this technology. At launch, the MX300 family consists of just one drive, the ‘Limited Edition 750GB’ but other capacities will soon release.

Crucial MX300 750GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive - CT750MX300SSD1


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