David Hockney’s new stained glass window was designed on an iPad

British artist David Hockney opened a new stained glass window at the famous Westminster Abbey in London to celebrate the Queen's reign.

Until now, maybe you may think if it is normal? After this window was designed by iPad by Hockney, it turned into a 28 x 11.5 ft window in a stained glass studio.

Pastor John Hall's Westminster Dean said in a statement, "I am very pleased that David Hockney accepted my invitation to design this window celebrating the Queen's reign." "What he made can be accessed directly with a nice color, a country scene to honor a woman who loves the country.

The window formerly known as the queen's window is in the northern part of the monastery. Up to now it was an ordinary glass.

Strangers to iPad art

This is the first stained glass work of David Hockney, but he is not a stranger to the art of the iPad. Since the iPad was released in 2010, 81-year-old artists are currently "painting" using the Apple tablet. Dozens of these works are exhibited and bought by collectors.

Mr. Hockney says the iPad is "natural" in this particular design. Because it has a backlight as a window. The artist would have been asked to produce "symbolic or representative" work of the subject, not a "crestal or figurative picture." He was also asked to recognize him as his work.

Most of the reaction was positive. "Just wonderful"I wrote the Royal College of Art, of course there were several critics." Was this on the iPad done? Yeah, it looks like a friend, " I wrote a Twitter userWho tweets regularly about the architecture of the church?

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