Dead Space 2 is now available for free, thanks to games with gold

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Free games are free and do not have to be good for you to try them on, but I have news for you, Dead Space 2 is good. Some might even say that it's great, and the experience is now available to Xbox Gold subscribers.

Xbox Gold subscribers can download the game and start playing today. Essentially, you own the license for the duration of your Xbox Gold subscription. As it's a solo experience, if you care about space, it's definitely a game that's worth playing and you'll be able to delete more later. But if you like it, it only takes 13.40 GB, which is a very small piece of any hard drive. You can play the game on Xbox 360 or Xbox One via Backward Compatibility

Published by EA, Dead Space 2 presents what could be the opus magnum of the Visceral Games studio. Now that the studio has been dismantled – that it is resting in peace – it virtually represents what will forever be the developer's greatest achievement. It takes everything from the first game and encourages the gameplay and story for, dare I say, a more visceral experience. Meanwhile, the world seems divided afterwards, Dead Space 3 .

You have until today until April 30 to download Dead Space 2 . It's all the time to enjoy your registration, which also includes Assassin's Creed: Syndicate for free. Torsion! Yes, Syndicate is also available to subscribers at no cost. Meaning, you now have two potential games to enjoy. Discover the …

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