Deal With Kids’ Digital Problems Efficiently Using the FamilyTime Parental Control App

Update - 2017.10.13

If you are a parent raising kids in the present times, you must have worried about your kids’ safety in the cyber world. They go online, they use social media, surf the internet, and play games. They live in a world of cyberbullying, sexting, online predation, extreme peer pressure, rumors and gossip going viral within seconds over the internet. They may make a mistake because of their lack of knowledge or become a target of bullies for no good reason, either way, you are the one who must ensure their protection.

Communicating about cybersecurity

The first thing any parent must do is establish an open and easy dialogue about cyber dangers and being secure online. It is not a one-time thing but something that must be done repeatedly and the nature of the problems discussed must also be changed with their age. It is again very important that parents do not hover, but try to make it easy for the children.

Taking your own precautions

With the teaching, it is also necessary that they monitor their kids regularly. Online and cell phone monitoring is different than knowing their friends and their daily activities. Because in this case, you have to get involved in their digital lives. For that, you need a digital method.

The best digital method, advised by the digital security experts and parents themselves, is the use a parental monitoring software. One of a good example of such a tool is the FamilyTime parental app. It is up-to-date with the requirements of digital monitoring and very easy to use as well.

Let’s see what parents can do with it:

  • Check kids’ browser history, bookmarks, and most used websites to know their inclinations and identify any wrongful actions like watching porn, using online gaming sites and anonymous chat rooms etc.
  • Filter search results on iTunes on the basis of age and rating.
  • View their contacts, call history, and text messages. This gives you an insight of their friends and correspondence. Also, helps you detect sexting slang, bullying or harassment, and inappropriate callers.
  • See the mobile apps they install and decide which are fit for their use. Eliminate the unfit apps with the app blocker.
  • Build their digital routine which is balanced and non-addictive. Have device-free dinners, distraction-less homework, and bedtime with the help of screen time limits. These limits are basically device locks that operate automatically upon the time specified by the parents.
  • Keep track of them when they are away with location tracking. Keep them out of unwanted places and get notified when they reach school or home with Geofence alerts. Also get alerted of an emergency directly by them.
  • Make sure they drive properly by setting speed limits for their cars. Know when they go overboard with the speed alerts.

Start digital parenting today and secure your kids. Get the FamilyTime parental app to try out all the features mentioned above.

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