Dear Spider-Man, we need to talk about the accumulation of your backpack

SpidermanWe need to talk about your backpack merchandise. There are too many things in your new PlayStation 4 adventure.

Spreading random objects around the city to make players explore the open world is not a whole new thing. In fact, I will clearly and openly instruct the players where I can find each backpack by successfully manipulating the system, encourage players to reward fun combinations and cool improvements and explore. In addition, each bag contains fun information.

But I need to ask: Why, Peter Parker, do you have? 55 Backpack? And how did you succeed in losing nearly everywhere in this city for nearly 10 years?

When the game is released during the introduction of Treasure Hunt, RFID trackers are placed in each and displayed on the game map. I put Spiderman, the tracking system in your bag. One of them contains an extra "Spider Tracker" Gizmo.

To the fart. With my man tracking system, I can not lose 55 bags. This will not be lost. It uses New York City as a personal closet to store your strange collection of the same backpack.

Now I understand that you will lead a busy life. You can display the work of the superhero at any time. Perhaps you had to put a bag on the side of the building so that you could move on to action. As work-life balance is as big as Ant-May's urban rescue visit, I notice that there may not be time to welcome her. Next week. bag.

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Dear Spider-Man, we need to talk about the accumulation of your backpack

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