Dedicated Proxies Vs Rotating Proxies

Nowadays, proxies are used to browse the internet like ever before. Marketing programs, applications, and bots work effectively with the help of proxies.

Proxies are helpful in many ways. For instance, to access restricted websites, when using SEO tools such as Scrapebox proxies can come in handy. Proxies are also important for coping sneakers.

While it is possible to get free proxies online, most often free proxies are not effective. In fact, they can harm your data and compromise with your privacy and danger to your accounts.

That being said, in this post, we will talk more about dedicated proxies Vs rotating proxies.

But before we proceed, let’s find out what a proxy is and why you need one

What is a proxy?

A proxy acts as a wall between you and the destination server. When using a proxy, you send a request to the destination server where the proxy sends the requests on your behalf and processes it and returns the results to you.

This way, both the destination server and any online user will not be able to know your activities online. Your IP address is hidden since it is replaced by the proxy.

You are not connecting to the destination server since it is your proxy that handles the processing of the request on your behalf. This way, all your online traces are hidden.

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Why use a proxy?

There are numerous reasons to use a proxy.

  • Private browsing: If you want to surf the web anonymously, a proxy will do that for you. A proxy while keeps your online activities anonymous and hidden.
  • Unblocking restricted websites: There are websites and video content that are geo-restricted, and this is where you can use a proxy to bypass these restrictions.
  • Hide IP addresses: With a proxy, you can change your IP address to a different one while accessing different websites around the globe.
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What Are Dedicated Proxies?

Dedicated proxies are proxies used by one person at a time. They are handy when it comes to concealing your public IP address assigned by your ISP.

Dedicated proxies are not shared with any other user. Dedicated proxies are faster since there is no congestion from other users.

The reason why dedicated proxies are good is that you enjoy the service alone and this equals to fast browsing speeds.

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Why Use Dedicated Proxies?

As mentioned above that proxies are helpful to keep your data and private information safe while browsing the internet. There are many functions on dedicated proxies such as:

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SEO and Web Scraping

You can use dedicated proxies for SEO and web scraping. If you want to scrape content from websites, you need dedicated proxies since the process needs to be done faster.

When it comes to tracking the ranks and find backlinks using SEO tools such as Scrapebox and GSA search engine ranker, you can use dedicated proxies.

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 What are Rotating Proxies?

Rotating proxies are also known as back-connect proxies and as the name suggests, they are proxies that rotates IP addresses automatically.

Rotating proxies keep changing IP address frequently after few minutes which keep you anonymous and safe while browsing the web.

This leaves internet users with peace of mind knowing that their online activities are not tracked.

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How Rotating Proxies work

Rotating proxies have multiple servers located across different countries. When you get yours, you allocated numerous IP addresses. Every time you send a request you are assigned a new IP address.

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Why are Rotating Proxies Useful?

Rotating proxies offer numerous benefits to users including:

Greater anonymity: Rotating proxies keep your online activities anonymous. Websites and servers cannot identify your IP address. No user can track your internet activity, because you are assigned different IP addresses every few minutes.

Increased security: Since you are browsing the web anonymously, security is enhanced. Most a time, it is difficult to keep yourself safe from eavesdropping even if you are using a proxy server.

Malicious users online can track your web activities using the IP address you are assigned by the proxy provider.

The good thing about rotating proxies is that you will not use the same IP address when accessing different sites.

Another advantage of using rotating proxies is that your IP address has lesser chances to get banned.

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Final Thoughts

Dedicated proxies and rotating proxies are best when it comes to internet surfing and many other internet usages. The good thing is that they are easy to understand and work with.

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