How to Delete an undeletable file or folder

This post is about how to delete an undeletable file or folder, Let me tell you why some files do not delete, it is due to that the file is currently used by another program, it has some restrictions like “Ready only”,
File is infected or some other program protecting it from deletion
Now the question arises how we will delete the file the answer is if we cut relation between the file and the cause due to which the file is undeletable then it can be easily deleted, Methods Are Many
For one of the best method is Right click on the file and select “Take ownership”, But Sometimes this method is not available for all the users
Here in this post I show you the simplest method. I will introduce with a freeware windows utility “Unlocker”, Unlocker kills all the process that are currently using the file and delete the file completely, Unlocker can be used
For remove shortcut bugs and autorun bugs also
Follow the steps below to learn how to use Unlocker
Warning: – Do not use the Unlocker at the system files or windows files
Note:- In this post all actions are performed on the file Music.mp3 Which running in vlc and vlc currently using the file so it cannot be deleted normally
Unlocker [Download here]
1.) Download and install the Unlocker
2.) Right click on the file which you want to delete and select Unlocker

Now Unlocker will open and it will show you some processes that are using the file
3.) Select “delete” From bottom left side and select all the processes

4.) Click “Unlock all

3 5.) It’s Done Your file will be deleted


Note:- You can use “Kill Process” Function also


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