DelFly Nimble robots can fly like real insects

The research project of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has created the latest version of Delimly robot called Nimble. It is a super agile robot with four flapping flight systems and it can fly at a speed like a true wing.

DelFly can control three flight axes using four wings and moves left and right by changing flaps of each flap. It really is like an insect. Currently, Delphi can fly for over 5 minutes with full battery in the range of 1 km or more.

What are you doing for a robot that is flying? The DelFly project page shows that it is "ready for many real tasks" whatever it means.

There are purely scientific applications of DelFly, including studies of insect flight dynamics and high agility, such as fruit flies used to escape predators and humans.

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DelFly Nimble robots can fly like real insects

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