Desperate for a win in social, Google app Neighbourly lures urban Indians

Google expanded the vast community site of the region several weeks ago to further strengthen the ambition of social networking. The global beta application experience introduced in May last year in Mumbai has more than five Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Visag, Kota.

The application is very similar to the basic function of Quora. Self declared experts on topics such as "the best restaurant to eat" and "the safest park to walk" can share and answer questions from other residents, especially from the new environment. For the latest version of the application, you can ask 8 Indo languages ​​and ask questions using enhanced voice input that can add other languages ​​in the near future.

Before considering the company's originality, "Why will it be released in India" The most obvious answer to the use of Indian smartphones is not only huge now more than 340 million people, but also Western European countries and China It is unprecedented that you have the opportunity to earn money by using the Indian mountainous area where the recent El Dorados are saturated like never before.

In this story, there is urbanization of India. It is very slow compared to China, but it happens earlier than most other countries in the world. by A guardianAccording to the United Nations prospects, while China was 255 million, an additional 416 million people will live in cities by 2050.

This means that many people arrive in the huge city of India everyday, without knowing what the trusted place is for shopping, meals, socializing and playing. Girls can walk around without being harassed. Or what is the area where the owner rejects Muslim tenants? The fact that such a big transition does not focus on traditional relatives groups makes this situation more difficult and reliable for others.

I am trying to solve this problem for the Indians living in urban areas among my neighbors.

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"We are thinking about the future of the Internet …

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