Diplomatic strategy leader, Imran Kahn's news shrinks pre-market trading

Another day, another departure from Snapchat's parent, Snap. The company announced that it submitted to the SEC that Imran Khan will resign as Chief Strategist Officer that has been held since 2014. This is the latest version of the series of enforcement measures taken by the company since its establishment last year. The latest news lowered the stock of Snap to $ 9.75. This is about one-third of the stock price when listed in March 2017.

The company announced Snap to Mr. Snap on September 6, stating that there is no special reason other than pursuing other opportunities, "This change is based on accounting, strategy, management, operation, policy, practice (finance Khan remains as a CSO in transition and the final date has not been decided.

Although there is no reason to leave, he seems to be moving to a new opportunity, but that change will doubt the company's health.

According to the latest August results, Snap showed signs of growth in advertising business, outperforming analysts' financial expectations, but losing 3 million users and face competition from Facebook and the United States . General damage. For the next important step thousands of years of user base profit.

In connection with this, the CEO of the company has played an important role in the management of the company.

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Diplomatic strategy leader, Imran Kahn's news shrinks pre-market trading

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