How to disable google+ sign in for android apps

Freemium/ad-supported premium games and applications available on Android earn through in-app advertisements for which they need more and more users to play the games. Some games/apps send out notifications about upgrades, achievements and usage info in the form of posts on the user’s Google+ profile in order to get more people pin to the game. For some this might be nothing to worry about while others find it annoying.

If you’re with those who find these posts annoying then here’s how you can disable applications from posting anything from your android device on your Google+ profile. So In this article we learn How To disable google+ sign in for android apps by just following the below Steps.

Step 1. On your android device go to the Applications home, find Google Settings application and access it to proceed further.

Step 2. The device will then open the linked settings tab. Here all the settings related to the device’s Google/Google+ account can be located and tweaked. From the given options find the apps with a Google+ sign-in option and access it to proceed.

Step 3. Apps with a Google+ sign-in tab on the settings menu allows users to access and control which application or game should be able to post on Google+ or access the profile on the device. By default, the service is allowed for some applications, while some applications also make it necessary for users to permit access to the application. Here you will find out applications that have access to the Google+ profile.

Step 4. To turn off the access of any application from the given list simply press the icon once and the application will give you options to see more detailed information about the applications access. Press Disconnect to proceed.

Step 5. From the next option, choose the option to delete all the posts that the application or game has added to your Google+ profile and select Disconnect.

Step 6. Application access will be revoked and it won’t be able to post on your Google profile. Along with that the application will also be deleted from the list.

So above is all about How to disable google+ sign in for android apps. By these steps, you can easily disable google+ sign in for android apps anytime.

Note:  Only workable for android 4.0 and later versions.
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