Discover is Googles new mobile feed where you can find anything and everything

Google's search engine is 20 years old. In commemoration of the opportunity, this technology giant offers a number of new search and discovery functions that allow users to easily find the topics they like and easily find related information and content . In this way, Google Feed is officially renamed "Discover". This is suitable for our goals for the flow of custom information.

Basics do not change. Recent map-based searches and activities are still displayed, but the headers of each topic are displayed on the map itself, so you can easily track what you are doing. Are doing. Also, if you want to know more about the subject of the problem, you can tap the header to go to the list of other relevant videos and videos about the subject. If you are interested, you can follow the subject of the device's real-time update.

Of course, if you do not want to display update information for a specific topic, tap the control icon in the lower right corner of each card and display "More" or "Less (Less)" in the subject of the problem You can choose whether or not. You will continue to look at the content from the various sources of the topic. This will help you explore new ideas on your interests.

Discover also displays new types of maps, including videos and evergreen content. In this case, Evergreen was used for a while, but it is about "fresh for you" video and video.

"When planning your next trip for Ecure, Discover will show you the best places for meals and visits and suddenly the trip published three months ago is right for you"

Google wants to use Discover besides web search. Instead, the company wants feeds as a tool to discover new hobbies and expand current skills.

Even more interesting is the willingness to discover Discover as a tool to discover new hobbies and develop current skills. By using the target layer of the knowledge graph, Discover predicts the level of expertise on topics and helps foster that interest. If you learn to play the guitar, you may see the content of the beginner learning code for Eclat. If you are an experienced musician you can see a video on more advanced technology.

Likewise, like Google Home Speakers, the new Discover feed is multilingual. At the moment we can display sources in both English and Spanish at the same time, but switching Google's server side switch to other users will also expand the list of languages ​​(available areas). place. However, cooler is that Google has Discover outside With the Google app all Mobile browser. Because there is a discovery flow similar to Google's main app, it is true that the search on will be the same on the mobile browser.

Essentially, Google wants to consider discovery as a new mobile home page even if it is accessed from Google browser or main application. It can search not only for you but also for useful information to discover and explore and you can find a source of new inspiration on the web about the topics you are most interested in. This feature is online in the United States, but if you have not reached your area yet, please open your eyes in the coming weeks and weeks. You know how it will be with Google's deployment.


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Hope you like the news Discover is Googles new mobile feed where you can find anything and everything. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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