Discovering the vision of Sono Motors with electric cars in Berlin – News

New car manufacturers appeared on the left and right. However, rather than creating another company similar to Tesla, the German company Sono Motors is working on a whole new thing, a solar power generation car. That's why I'm excited about announcing that Laurin Hahn, co-founder and CEO of the company, will participate in Disrupt Berlin in Berlin.

Sono Motors I have been working at Zion which is his first car for years. The company currently has several prototypes on the road and improves the manufacturing process to ship these cars to pre-ordered customers.

First of all, the company emphasizes Zion and compact cars. The car looks more like Volkswagen Golf than Mercedes' E Class. And it makes a lot of sense if you think that a solar car is not your ordinary car.

People in the automotive industry say that the car is parked for 90% or 95% of the time. It is difficult to find an accurate person, but it is a fact that you do not make a day trip every day.

Many people go to work. Normally it is a quick ride and you need a car in the morning and evening. Zion is perfect for that. Having 250 kilometers of autonomy can do a lot.

Every day I reach the extra 30 kilometers using a solar panel. This may just be enough not to need to charge your car. But, if you are weak, you can still connect your car like other electric cars.

Many people already have big cars for weekends and long holidays. In this case, Zion can become a good second car for you …

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Discovering the vision of Sono Motors with electric cars in Berlin - News

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