DNC urges Democrats to dump Android for iPhone

The National Democratic Party Committee provides solutions to improve the security of smartphones. He said the democratic organization, all Their Android device.

This is especially true if the phone comes from ZTE, which is working with the Chinese government.

Bob Lord of DNC's Information Security Officer (CIO) developed this plan. He noticed that Apple frequently released security patches for all iOS devices. It is something that can not provide the destroyed nature of the Android ecosystem.

Google regularly introduces security patches for operating systems, but each mobile phone manufacturer needs to prepare security patches for its own products. As the Lord says Forbes"It is very difficult to know if he purchased a specific phone from a supplier and what his appetite for quality assurance is."

Apple's commitment to safety is not just to fix flaws. Even law enforcement agencies have problems with bypassing the iOS login system and as all applications run within the sandbox, malware access to unauthorized information becomes complicated.

DNC security versus ZTE and Huawei

The National Committee of the Democratic Party of Japan does not recommend anyone working for the parties to use the telephone manufactured by ZTE.

This is not surprising last month, but it is illegal for US government officials to use ZTE phones. They also are prohibited from using Huawei's mobile phone, another company in China.

Currently DNC prefers Apple products, but it is the safest one currently available. "Currently, although biased towards the iPhone, the evidence may change, which is not a religious debate," said DNC's Bob Road.

Those working in the framework of the election need to use security keys as part of two-factor authentication.

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