Do not install the iOS 12.1 beta if you preordered an iPhone XS

If the new iPhone XS or the new iPhone XS Max shines on Friday's doorstep, please avoid Apple's latest beta version of iOS 12.1.

Updating too early may sacrifice all valuable data.

The first beta version of iOS 12.1 was released on Tuesday just after iOS 12 was released. Includes FaceTime group calls deleted from iOS 12 before release and "Bug fixes and enhancements.

However, if you plan to upgrade to iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max this week, please do not install.

Unrecoverable with iOS 12.1 Beta

Apple still has to release the iOS 12.1 beta version of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If you update the iPhone now, you can not restore the last backup to the new device.

As Reddit users pointed out, iPhone X users faced the same problem last November. Apple released the beta version just after the release of iPhone X, but many people had to restore all the data after waiting a few hours.

If you used a beta version of iOS 12 before, please disable automatic updating on the software update menu to prevent iOS 12.1 from being installed automatically.

You can also delete the iOS 12 Beta software profile by typing Configurationnext Generalnext Profile; Device management. Select a profile, Delete profile Clicking the button will prevent the device from receiving beta updates.

Hope you like the news Do not install the iOS 12.1 beta if you preordered an iPhone XS. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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