Dr. Disrespect says that someone shot their house twice a week

Guy Beahm, noisy is better known PlayerUnknown's Battlefield After trying to shoot at his home, Dr. Disrespect of Valentine suddenly stopped broadcasting.

This clear battle news spread mainly for the live broadcast of the Beam. call of duty Just to leave his station after unknown noise. He broke the character and broke the window on the second floor saying "Someone shot our house." Who promised to shoot?

Details are not rare, Polygon According to reports, authorities in the home of Southern California's beam confirmed that the shot was fired at someone's house in the second report. It agreed with the description of Beahm.

This stream was later renamed so that Beahm is safe and told that "proper measures have been taken". Beahm did not immediately respond to the comment request.

Beahm, one of the people who helped spread the Royal Battle Online Games, has a long history of viewer movement. In the past, even if it was boring for the character of the moped, most of the interaction was pretty weak. The player attempted to find him in the game and tried his experience. Tactics range from aggressive naming to auditory attacks, and even abuse of emotional evasion. Beahm's answer was various …

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Dr. Disrespect says that someone shot their house twice a week

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