EA says they learned from Star Wars Battlefront II Booty Box Fiasco, Wishes to do better

EA Exec States that they learned errors Star Wars Battlefront II

Without a doubt, one of the biggest disasters in the game industry last year was Star Wars Battlefront II. Despite the hype surrounding its launch and good reviews, the game was engulfed by its controversy over the loot box. Recently, Patrick Söderlund, Chief Design Officer of EA, said that the company had learned a lot from the fiasco, promising to do better in the future.

In a recent interview with The Verge, Patrick Söderlund discussed how the implementation of the loot box "had an impact on EA as a society" as well as an effect on the management team. He stated that the intention of their microtransactions and the system of progression of the players was not to give benefits to those who buy more, but rather to create a system that would encourage the longevity of the game. EA thought that, to allow it, they had to start making profits through the booty boxes first.

Despite this, Patrick Söderlund admits that it was a bad approach. "But at the same time, we were wrong, and therefore we had to take very quick and drastic measures to turn everything off, and we have since worked and reworked the progression system. we have done, the players are coming back and we are seeing higher engagement figures.People seem to think that most of the time, we have understood well … we will have to be very careful with what this … [19659006]

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