Early bird tickets today, September 21 –

TC session: UCLA's AR / VR October 18th is preparing to be a great show.
End of sale after September 21. Do not miss the biggest savings on this event – please reserve $ 99 tickets before price increases by $ 100.

At this stage, the industry's most innovative companies, Ocruz, Baobab Studios, Emmy-award winning opinion leader, Facebook, Survios and others.

Reason to join TC session: AR / VR?

Big conversation
Listen to today's innovators, leaders and experts share their experiences and ideas

Exclusive demo
Let's see a demonstration of the virtual technology which has not been ever enhanced

Community building
Let's meet the major actors and contributors in AR / VR throughout the day and build a network.

Agenda highlights:

Unloading the hologram helmet With Ashley Crowder (VNTANA), Sean Flying (Looking Glass Factory), Brett Jones (Lightform)
Enhanced reality can be a powerful show, but participants must have expensive equipment. Do you have work around you? The startup strives to unify the experience, but it will be very different.

Build a comprehensive world Cyan · Banister (founder fund)
/ gt;
If you have the opportunity to rethink society, where do you start? As game developers continue to design large online virtual worlds that spend more and more time, how do you need to fix problems and build a better tomorrow?

Let's start the industry Yelena Rachitzky (Ocruz)
Oculus poured hundreds of millions of dollars into financing VR content. Although the headset market is still small, developers have generated many games and experiences. Facebook The future of virtual reality lies in those who find new worlds they want to enter. How do you go there Ouchusu?

See the full agenda here.

Do not forget to reserve tickets for getting up early. Students can book tickets for $ 45.

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Early bird tickets today, September 21 -

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