Early iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Apple orders are on the way to customers

Apple customers can take advantage of the new Apple Series 4, which provides Apple's new hardware provided by carriers and stores prior to the official release on Friday as well as the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max .

According to the report, customers are notified that the iPhone order has been shipped from the operator or the online Apple Store. The screenshot of the notification sent to Twitter is expected to ship on virtually all observable cases on September 21, with no difference between the carrier and shop arrival dates.

AppleInsider iPhone and Apple Series 4 began shipping and have received their own confirmation that they will be shipping tomorrow.

Postal and delivery companies are known to ensure adequate employee coverage during the iPhone's launch period in order to ensure prompt delivery of products on release date. Indeed, due to a leak to Apple's "Rally" event, the Italian mail warned its employees on September 21 higher than usual, and the rest of the week continued at a high level.

In the first analysis of the pre-order process, it is suggested that iPhone XS and XS Max supplies are not as restricted as when launching iPhone X, but Loup Ventures's Gene Munster got the iPhone's XS Max and 4 weeks The order is scheduled to start at 3:40 am.

In this analysis, iPhone XS and XS Max are scheduled, and the next XR will be over 85 million units by 2019.

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