ECG support on the Apple Series 4 may take longer to arrive in the UK

Since the first Apple was released a few years ago, Apple has consistently refused to announce specific sales of increasingly popular mobile phones. In fact, most Apple executives say that sales continue to increase year after year as they continue to add exciting features every new refresh cycle. In the Apple Series 4, Apple has undoubtedly introduced the most important update of notebook since device creation. In addition to much faster internal components, the next generation Apple processor features greater display and health and fitness monitoring capabilities.

At this last point, one of the amazing features of Apple Series 4 is ECG support by the device. In other words, next-generation Apple can send electrical signals from the user's heart. On the Apple website, you can use this function to indicate whether "Indication of atrial fibrillation – irregular heartbeat abnormality – or sinus rhythm – your heart will beat normally" .

Apple's ECG support will arrive later this year, but its functionality is limited to the United States at the moment. Earlier this month, Apple wanted to point out the ECG application of FDA approved devices. Nevertheless, it may be more difficult to obtain similar approval from regulatory authorities in other countries.

at this point, 9to 5Mac He added that the MHRA, which oversees the safety and effectiveness of British medical devices, may ask medical research before hitting applications with green light. Apple, of course, is doing research on the performance of the United States, but MHRA may not be satisfied, usually because companies need to notify at least 60 days in advance to approve a given study. In other words, Apple may have to do anything to get approval in the UK.

Please note the following languages:

As part of the process of obtaining CE marking of medical devices, clinical investigation is required. It is necessary to notify MHRA by 60 days before the start of the survey.

Is there a possibility that Apple got such approval? Maybe who is Apple …


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