Elizabeth Tulloch of Grimm plays Lois Lane at Arrow Arrow

Elizabeth Tulloch serves as Juliette Silverton of the TV series Grimm.

Lois Lane finally reached the CW.

Grimm actress Elizabeth Tulloch, according to the TV Guide report, plays the role of Daily Planet's reporter with DC Comics' 3 day crossover. (Disclosure: CW is a joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS, the owner of CNET)

In addition to Grimm, Tulloch's previous credits include Concussion, Portlandia and Quarterlife.

Tulloch is a Lois Lane fan since childhood On Twitter Friday's Instagram

"When I started playing, one of my teachers asked me to see a screen test on the role of Loisestane for Superman in 1978," Tulloch wrote. "All the actresses were wonderful but I always understood why Margot Kidder served this role.They filled with Joy de Vivre when she was surrounded by the honorable profession of journalism It seemed that it was enlightened from inside, an actress' club that fulfilled the role of reporter.

An announcement on Superman and Arrowverse of Lois Lane, First arrived in AugustBut it is the first time for fans to talk about Lois's casting.

"I could not be more excited about the introduction of Lois Lane to Arrowis," Supergirl executive producer Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner said in a previous statement. "This enthusiastic, decisive and courageous journalist …

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Elizabeth Tulloch of Grimm plays Lois Lane at Arrow Arrow

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