Elvie Pump is the next portable breast pump to remove your breath (and your tube and cord).

Since its arrival, Electronic breast pumpWomen do not have many choices. It is attached to the flange of the air horn and the hanging bottle of the chest, and the tube can plug a noisy noisy engine into the wall. The breadth of your choice has been limited to the power and power of the machine for years.

This year, not only breast pumps that were reinvented, but now two breast pumps were introduced. The latest one is Elvie Pump, an all-in-one portable device. He is participating in a series of new breast pumps aimed at promoting women 's pumping on that day.

Elvie Pump includes all the pumping technologies in the portable device.

Elvi's founder, Tania Boulder said, "In the case of nursing pumps, the future is portable." "In two years most shelves with chest pumps will be completely different.

This level of innovation can become an asset for working mothers. American pediatricians recommend the World Health Organization (WHO) two years but infants recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months. However, more than half of newborns have returned to the market within four months. In many cases it means pumping several times a day. Milk that improves mobility and flexibility can help mothers and career mothers' careers. According to the US Department of Labor, about 70% of mothers' work and 40% are major farmers.

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Elvie Pump is the next portable breast pump to remove your breath (and your tube and cord).

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