Employees jump to genetic tests. Is this a good thing?

While regulators called their decision a step forward in the availability of direct genetic testing to the consumer, they explicitly warned that the test did not detect most mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer. They also warned consumers not to use tests as a substitute for skilled medical care and genetic counseling.

Color, the genomics company, takes an intermediate position. It markets comprehensive medical diagnostic tests that detect all mutations of certain genes known to be linked to certain types of hereditary cancers and to cardiac risks. He has doctors available to order his online tests for users and provides genetic counseling to discuss user results.

"By using genetics, you can help some people prevent or interrupt something at an early stage where costs are much lower," said Othman Laraki, general manager of Color Genomics. that they could develop major diseases even if their results show no dangerous mutation.

The leaders of SAP and Nvidia hope that genetic testing could ultimately help prevent at least some terminal cancers. Nvidia started offering free testing to Color last year, about 27% of its 6,000 eligible employees The United States took the test.After SAP began subsidizing genetic testing the year last, …

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