EmTech MIT: Making factory robots smarter and safer

Alpha and beta are suitable for social networks. However, manufacturers tend to be more cautious about technology from justifiable reasons. Industrial robots installed at the factory so that heavy loads can be loaded and moved at high speed are extremely dangerous and must be stored in separate working cells.

Clara Vu, co-founder and vice president of Veo Robotics at the meeting at the EmTech MIT conference last week says, "I can not move fast.

One solution to this problem is called a cobot, which is a robot designed in collaboration with humans. Indeed, this is one of the fastest growing market segments. Earlier this week, Universal Robot announced that it sold 25,000 Cobots at the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

The problem is that Cobot is safe as it is not stronger. "Cobot is small and light and can not hit very hard," they have transformed the industry, but there are physical limits.You can not move big objects away or move fast. "

In contrast, industrial robots used to make durable goods can be hoisted hundreds of pounds a day, thousands of times a day and placed in the same place for 24 hours. It is far superior to humans in simple and repetitive work such as welding, but Vu seems to always look like a century ago, but it can not fully cope with complex work such as final assembly. And recently, Tesla tried to automate the final assembly and failed.

Some of these tasks are expensive to automate so that manufacturers can not recover costs. The project can reach millions of dollars and a team of engineers working months and months to customize hardware and software are involved. In addition, the results are inflexible. Due to slightly different parts and small flaws of new suppliers, the entire line may be down and builders may cost about $ 50,000 per minute. With today's technology, we can not simply automate other tasks.

Although some tasks can be automated, the complete production procedure is often not so because of the need to fully automate or manual for security reasons. "The problem lies in the strength, speed and precision that make industrial robots extremely powerful and extremely dangerous," Vu said. "You do not want to …

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