Estimate says the $1,249 iPhone XS Max only costs Apple $443 to make

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max start at $ 999 and $ 1,099 respectively and rise to $ 1,349 and $ 1,449 respectively. There are many ways to make these prices more generous, but they are not cheap. But how much does it cost for Apple? The first invoice of 256 GB iPhone XS Max, which is sold for $ 1,249, indicates that the price of this model is only Apple's $ 443.

This figure is a disassembly of TechInsights, which is 50 dollars less than last year's 64 GB iPhone X estimate, TechInsights believes it will be $ 395.44. However, like the names of iPhones and other terminals, this is an estimate that will never be confirmed by smartphone vendors.

The most expensive component of the iPhone XS Max is the display, the disassembly is $ 80.50, which is a comparison with last year compared with iPhone X's $ 77.27. Apple paid a $ 3 on the 6.5-inch screen of Samsung's XS Max-inch Samsung OLED screen for a while in iPhone X 2017.

In order to get rid of it, Apple removed some 3D touch components from the screen, TechInsights said. "Because they got about $ 10, the estimate of $ 80 would have been about $ 90," said Al Cowsky of TechInsights. Reuters. "They compromised in terms of cost"

As shown in the figure above, the processor and modem of the phone were also expensive. Flash memory was also expensive, but TechInsights is logical compared to mobile phones with 256 GB and 64 GB of memory.

Image Source: TechInsights

As mentioned above, to upgrade the memory from 64 GB to 256 GB, Apple costs less than $ 20. Buyers will pay $ 150 to do the same jump on iPhone XS or XS Max. The level of 512 GB on both models is 200 dollars over 256 GB.

A Bloomberg Earlier this week, Apple's most profitable new iPhone feature was a flash upgrade. Bloomberg The 512 gigabyte storage option can increase the phone by 134 dollars phone than 256 GB:

Storage charges Apple about 25 cents / gigabyte, the company costs about 78 cents. By doubling the maximum amount available, he deepens this gold mine. Apple charges an additional $ 350 and upgrades from a minimum of 64 GB to a new 512 GB option. According to the data summarized by Bloomberg, you can see that the storage capacity is the largest except for assembly work and related software. The company can surpass the storage level by about 134 dollars since last year's 107 dollars. 512 GB option is …


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