EU is promoting cultural allocation for streaming services – news

European Union We are planning to impose pan-European quotas on broadcasting services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and we are ready to support the production of locally produced movies and video content.

Roberto Viola European Commission Chairperson Communication, network, content, technology, told variety to the new rule should be approved in December.

In an interview at the Venice Film Festival "I need final voting, but it's a simple form."

These proposals stream at least 30% of the on-demand catalog to the original productions produced in each EU Member State in which the service is provided (EU Member States may choose to place the content bar at 40%) need to do it.

Streaming services need to ensure the visibility and importance of local content. So, please do not fill "European third parties" in the dark horn of the broadcast site where nobody can find it.

The intention of the European parliament is to protect cultural diversity by ensuring that the platform invests in local production of content against the power to flatten Hollywood's power and platform.

And frankly, if you saw a superhero movie, you have seen them all. In this way, perhaps refreshing movements in some American critics are still good things.

This is not quite unusual in Europe where cultural diversity is being protected and countermeasures are being taken …

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EU is promoting cultural allocation for streaming services - news

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