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Everything Apple Announced at iPhone 7 Launch Event

More than just an iPhone 7 event

Whereas the iPhone 7 was Apple’s headliner, Tim Cook and buddies had plenty of other announcements and information to share during the company’s annual fall event on Wednesday. From a waterproof Apple attention to wireless earbuds also with a sprinkle of Super Mario (sure, actually!), this event was one for the books.

Read on everything Apple Announced at iPhone 7 Launch Event

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The headliner of this Apple event is surely the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Left are the 16 GB version (?) and the headphone jack (?)

The most important news is probably the ‘water resistant’ layer. Apple also has a IP67 water resistance to the iPhone — a feature just like the original Apple Watch. It’s not fully waterproof. However, it could prove a life saver after a quick soaking. To help in the waterproofing (in part, at least), Apple kill the physical home button to a fully flush “button” that provides taptic feedback, mimicking the clicking feeling much like the touchpad of newer MacBook Pro and MacBook models.

iPhone 7

The Dual camera system makes use of ‘Lytro-like’ features that can help you refocus a shot after the photograph has been taken, thanks to 2 separate 12-megapixel lenses. The two cameras supply smartphone photographers the option to create their very own bokeh-filled pictures, one thing that was only out there for higher-end cameras.

The Plus also gets a four-LED array that gives better color accuracy when using flash. The 7 lacks these features, however, provides the still-amazing 12-megapixel rear camera from the 6s, with a few iterative rises.

The front-facing camera gets a boost from 5MP to 7MP, excellent color capture, and auto-image stabilization.

Each gets a spec bump to the ‘A10 Fusion’. Also, comes with an additional GB of RAM in the Plus model (bringing it to 3GB).

The 7 and 7 Plus are told to each provide the best battery life of any iPhone. You’ll get a detailed two additional hours of use in the iPhone 7 Plus and an extra hour in the 7. Apple said the battery life on each phone needs to be better. It also comes with a 256 GB, 128 GB, and 32 GB storage. The iPhone 7 Plus will begin at USD $769 and iPhone 7 at USD $649 in the US. They’ll both be prepared for pre-order Sept 9 and in stores Sept 16.

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Goodbye headphone jack, hello wireless EarPods and AirPods

iPhone 7

The news was true, Apple ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 and is instead changing to Lightning-based headphones and Bluetooth options. To get you began, each iPhone 7 or 7 Plus ships comes with a couple of new Lightning-enabled EarPods and an analog-to-Lightning adapter.

For those who favor the wireless way, Apple also debuted the AirPods, wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds that include a charging case. These are sold separately from the iPhone, and will set you back $159.

When you’re sticking with your current iPhone model, however, need to try out Apple’s new Lightning-based EarPods, you can see them in the Apple Store for $29 and also has a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for USD $9. Apple sells new EarPods and AirPods for a future without headphone jacks.

Nintendo brings Mario to iOS

iPhone 7

Mario is finally getting to iOS as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto introduced Super Mario Run for the mobile OS. The game continues one-handed play to ensure that you can “eat a cheeseburger” whereas playing it. The iOS exclusive game will be launched in the holiday season, with some teasers coming with iOS 10.


iPhone 7

Apple also launched new wireless earbuds, known as AirPods. They appear a lot like Apple’s current EarPods, just without the wires. Each AirPod is packed with its audio-processing chip, used to allow good-quality sound and detect if the earbud is in the user’s ear. They’ll price $159, which is hefty for Apple earbuds, however actually quite affordable for the wireless earbud market.

New Beats headphones

iPhone 7

Beside the AirPods, Apple-owned Beats is announce three new headphones as nicely: Solo 3 Wireless and Beats X, Powerbeats 3 Wireless.

iOS 10

iPhone 7

it’s making a ton of new features for improving Maps, enriching iMessage and making Siri more useful with extension help. iOS 10 will arrive on September 13.

Apple Watch

iPhone 7

The Apple Watch simply received faster, thinner and altogether more interesting. ‘Apple Watch Series 2‘ — or Apple Watch S2 — has a better processor, brighter display (1,000 units — same as a Galaxy Note 7.

Possibly past the heyday of the app, bit still interesting, Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. Niantic CEO John Hanke to the stage to announce the Pokémon Go Plus — a tool that gives heads-up gameplay — and the port of the game to WatchOS. We will see that later 12 months.

iPhone 7

The unique watch provided IPX7 water resistance — which means it was okay to bathe with. However, you need to depart it out of the pool most likely. The new one ejects water out of the speaker grill and is submersible to 50 meters. It even affords pool-based workouts with lap count, distance and calorie burn.

Apple again partnered with Nike to declare ‘Apple Watch Nike+,’ a special edition built just for a racer. The Apple Watch Nike+ is available in 4 cool colors.

iPhone 7

That’s not the only special edition watch, both. Apple also introduced a new ceramic finish. The pearlescent white finish is totally ceramic and pairs nicely with some existing bands.

With an upgraded dual-core processor (same because of the S2) for $269. That one will also release on September 16, with pre-orders open on September 9.

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Apple Music and iWork receive main updates

iPhone 7

Starting the event off with some Tim Cook and Carpool Karaoke moved on to discuss Apple Music. The music streaming service has received a main redesign in iOS 10 and brings lyric integration and a simpler interface, amongst other changes and updates.

iPhone 7

Apple is also bringing some upgrades and improvements to its iWork suite. The iWork apps that include Notes, Pages, and Keynote, now provide real-time collaboration between colleagues. Whereas attempting to beat Google Docs and Sheets, iWork remains to be a minimum of a decade behind. However, right this moment’s updates do deliver a minimum of some long-awaited features to the apps.

Behind-the-scenes modifications to the iPad

iPhone 7

The iPad may not have seen any stage time. However, Apple quietly made revisions to the iPad lineup on Wednesday, together with the iPad Pro. Apple left the 16GB-capacity for the iPad and lowered the prices of the higher-capacity iPad Pro by $50 to $100. Apple modifications storage options in iPad reduce prices for iPad Pro.

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