Everything you need to know about Apple Series 4

While waiting for the arrival of your order or considering an upgrade, AppleInsider will introduce all the new features built into the revised version of Apple Series 4.

Of Apple's great announcement at the "Gather Round" event in September, Apple was probably the most exciting. Series 4 is the first physical overhaul of Apple since Apple's release.

Many updates – both internal and external

The biggest feature is the new almost edge-to-edge screen that collects more than 30% of the available real estate. In the 4 series, there are more slightly rounded angles according to the angle of the screen, there are also cases where it was updated to be slightly thinner.

Even if there are many groups, all existing groups are compatible. The 38 mm strip corresponds to a new size of 40 mm and the old 42 mm strip corresponds to 44 mm.

To display larger screens, Apple has fixed many elements of the UI, including updating existing faces and new faces. Developers can include new aspects in complex parts to take into account the rounded corners and wider space of the latest Infograph Modular Face.

Apple Crown's digital signature adopts an entirely new mechanism with haptic feedback during rotation and achieves even higher accuracy. Both are 30% smaller than the last generation, while using 21% more coins.

In the update of the digital crown, it is also present on the back of the sensor. Touch the two electronic sensors at the same time to complete the circuit and enable another novelty: ECG. The screen counts you and detects your ECG results and any potential anomalies to you.

ECG is just one of the new features to monitor cardiac health. Series 4 can detect heart rate as well as atrial fibrillation. Unfortunately, some of these new features will not be available at startup and will also appear in future software updates.

The inside is a new generation 2nd generation accelerometer which has twice the dynamic range. Sling shots occur frequently 8 times and can be measured up to 32 G. With this, Apple Series 4 can detect falling. In particular, you can detect falling, slipping, and trip.

If a fall is detected, Apple will display an alert. If you agree, the warning may be rejected. Otherwise, you can alert the emergency service …

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