Everything you should know about Facebook data leak affecting 50M users –

After a massive security incident highlights the account data of millions of users, Facebook is cleaning. In the year that became strict after Cambridge analyst scandals, the company is struggling to restore user trust after another security incident.

Everything you need to know so far is here.

what happened?

Facebook claims that at least 50 million user data may be at risk after an attacker exploits vulnerability to access personal data. In addition, as a precautionary measure, we have acquired 40 million additional accounts as a precautionary measure.

What is the data after the hacker?

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the company is not seeing an account that can not be accessed in a compromise, even if it could be changed even if it was an early one. However, Zuckerberg says an attacker uses Facebook's developer API to get information such as "name, gender, hometown" related to the user's profile page, he said.

Which data was not taken?

Facebook is less likely to access private messages. Facebook has said credit card information was not acquired in violation. Again, this may change as company investigation continues.

What is an access token? Do I need to change my password?

If you enter your user name and password at most sites and applications such as Facebook, access tokens will be assigned to browsers and devices. This allows you to maintain a connection without having to enter authentication information each time you log in. However, since the password is not stored in the token, it is not necessary to change the password.

Why was Facebook disconnected from my account?

Yes, Facebook says to reset the access token of all involved users. This means that about 90 million users are disconnected from either the phone or the computer's account. This includes users of Facebook Messenger.

When was this attack done?

This vulnerability was introduced to the site in July 2017, but …

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Everything you should know about Facebook data leak affecting 50M users -

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