Face ID 2 is the biggest improvement point of iPhone XS

I wake up. I iPhone X. I pick it up in the dark and make a half-pillow wrinkled face. I feel a haptic upset. iPhone X does not recognize my face.

I can not deny that Face ID is an amazing technology. Alarm clock without fear, it works most of the time. Face authentication is the best facial recognition biometry in N & # 39. Any phone. A bit like AirPodsFace IDs often look like innovative "auto magic" Apple technologies.

But it was possible Improve use.

From Touch ID fingerprint sensor to facial face recognition, Apple's bold and buttonless biometric security exchanges are features of the iPhone X, $ 999 from society. For the past year since its launch, competitors have not yet reached. Many Android smartphones have a face connection option, but it is a less secure backup of the fingerprint scanner that moved to the back of the smartphone. Inside the screen.

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Face ID 2 is the biggest improvement point of iPhone XS

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