Face ID fails to recognize difference between twins

Apple's perfect face identification system seems to reach its goal.

Face IDs should be faster with iPhone XS and XS Max, but the security system seems to be completely deceived by one twin. If you have a doppelganger you can use the password.

How much face recognition is not effective to distinguish between these two:

Fake out face ID

According to Apple, the probability that a random person can unlock a mobile phone with his face is one to one, he said. This feature is never deceived by Samsung's face recognition technology, but human face is an exception.

Last year, we saw two pairs of twins being confused confusing face identification. Some twins were unable to deceive the function and others could not do it. Some hackers could cheat their face ID with cheap masks. After all, even if the face ID is safer than the touch ID, it is not yet perfect.

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