Facebook is violating privacy with security as its weapon –

In the Senate Members of the United States of America discuss how to develop a comprehensive law on federal privacy, and Apple's vice president of software technology calls the privacy policy "fundamental value".

Bud Trribble says, "I think that your device knows you all but I do not think we should do it."

Facebook Like Apple, it was not a hearing of the Commerce Committee that included representatives from Amazon, AT. T, Charter Communications, Google, and Twitter.

However, the company was almost unable to make such an assertion, as he was trying to find out all about you in order to advertise.

Facebook can be said to have "hostility to privacy" as a basic value.

Earlier this year, the US senator interrogated Mark Zuckerberg Since you do not need access to users, how Facebook can run the service. "Senator We Run Ads" was an almost surprising reaction, as if the founder of Facebook could not believe his opportunity in the political vote on the surface that his platform was receiving.

But in 2018, Zuckerberg and his company had a tough time, but the general perception of how data is continually being sucked up on the platform and in the background brought a certain amount of money . Digital economy. Accelerated by a regular parade of data breach and privacy scandal that gives insight behind the curtain.

At the front of the data scandal, I did not know if Facebook dominated, but for socially contradictory advertisements paid by the Kremlin agency (sometimes with ruble), third party apps, As a host that does not feel like participating in parties at the expense of users, you can quietly browse friends' information with millions of dollars.

Support for Facebook's Cambridge Analytica The fuss is loud

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Facebook is violating privacy with security as its weapon -

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