Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Data Of 29 Million Users

Facebook reports that hackers have access to a wealth of information, ranging from e-mails and phone numbers to more personal information such as sites visited and places registered, among millions of accounts in the context of an attack. to the security revealed by the company two weeks ago.

29 million accounts had some form of stolen information. Originally, Facebook said that 50 million accounts had been affected, but he did not know if they had been misused.

The news comes at the right time before the midterm elections when Facebook as opposed to misuse of its site on several fronts. The company said on Friday that there is no evidence that piracy is related to intermediate goals.

On Friday, Facebook said hackers had accessed names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers from accounts. For 14 million of them, hackers obtained even more data, such as their city of origin, date of birth, the last 10 places they visited, or the 15 most recent searches.

All of these could help a fraudster to pretend to be Facebook, the employer or a friend. They could then create a more sophisticated e-mail to entice users to provide login information on a fake page or click on an attachment that might infect their computers.

Facebook said it would send personalized messages in the coming days to the affected users to tell them what information the attackers have accessed and how they can protect themselves, including emails, SMS or suspicious calls.

The last vulnerability of Facebook exists since July 2017, but the company identified it for the first time in mid-September after having noticed a rather significant increase in the use of its functionality “view as”. “Two days later, we fixed the vulnerability, ended the attack, and secured user accounts by reinstating access tokens for potentially exposed people,” said Facebook.

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