Fascinating Gmail, YouTube, and Maps tips from top Google employees

Regardless of whether you like or not, Google has penetrated every aspect of our daily lives regardless of calendar updates, flight reservations, destinations, or simply searching for that actor It was. Still, many users who use Google services (Google Drive from Google Drive, Gmail, etc.) have many features and hints that they do not know. In celebration of our founding 20th anniversary last week, some of Google's Chief Executive Officers introduced helpful tips for users.

For a complete list of tips from Google principals, principals, vice presidents, do not forget to check the entire blog. However, I will show you some of the most fascinating tips for each of Google's most important services.

look for

  • If you want a show, but you do not know where to find it, just search for the word "" "" followed by the name of the show will show all the sites and services that it can use.


  • You can search for landing (or departing) airport terminals to get the terrain including the doors, lounges, restaurants, shops to the neighborhood.


  • How about manually copying and pasting information from an email to create a reminder or calendar event? Simply open the task in Gmail's side panel and drag the email.

Google Drive

  • With Google Drive, you can create text in downloaded images and PDF files.

Google games

  • If you do not remember where you saw the actor when watching a movie on Google Play, you can stop anywhere at any time and touch the circle around the face to learn more.

Again, this is just a small part of a particularly interesting tip for me, but there are many more in Google blogs. If you want to get the most out of Google's services, please check them out.


Hope you like the news Fascinating Gmail, YouTube, and Maps tips from top Google employees. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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