The New Feature That Steve Jobs Would Have Hated

APPLE secretly plans to offer a stylus with its new series of iPhone models, according to new rumors. That’s not going well with Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, who hated the stylus – and has vowed never to use them.

In 2015, Apple launched the Apple Pencil stylus for some of its iPads, but the iPhones remained without. According to The sun, a report from China Economic Daily News claims that two of the three 2018 iPhones expected to be launched in September 2018 will support the Apple pencil. This echoes a similar report from TrendForce analysts seen by The sun, who said they expected the Apple pencil to be offered as an option for this year’s iPhones.

However, it is unclear if existing Apple pencils (which are large and pencil-like) would work with the iPhone, or if a smaller version would be created. Rival Samsung, for example, already offers its own S-Pen pen with its Galaxy Note smartphone series. And even if the iPhone works with third-party pens, Apple has never offered its own version.

It’s probably because Steve Jobs, who founded Apple and who died in 2011, was a major opponent of the stylus. When launching the iPhone in 2007, he launched: “Who wants a stylus? You have to buy them, put them away. You lose them. Yuck!

“Nobody wants a stylus, so do not use a stylus.” A biography of Steve Jobs also cited the titan of technology as saying, “God has given us 10 stilettos, do not invent another,” referring to human fingers. But after his death, the anti-stylet position of Apple fell to the water.

The Apple pencil was announced in September 2015 to be launched with the company’s iPad Pro tablet. It is primarily intended for creative types, offering different levels of pressure sensitivity – so you can draw accurately just like a pen. It also has an angle detection, so the iPad can tell if you are trying to draw a hard line or to make the shadow.

This is a powered gadget – connecting to your device via Bluetooth – which means that it has a battery life and requires a charge. Apple is expected to announce its next range of iPhone very soon, probably on September 12 or 13.

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