10 car insurance conditions to know

As it becomes your car insurance, you need to know what you are signing up for. But something can be confusing in your policy. We have pulled out one of your most expensive investments, 10 of the most common conditions of auto insurance, which you need to know to wisely protect your car.

Collision cover

This type of coverage will cover damage to your vehicle no matter who has a defect. If you are driving something interesting such as a new car or a classic car, the coverage of the collision is a good shopping. In fact, if you are raising funds for your car, it is probably a mandatory cost. However, if you bought an old car of 20 years old for $ 1,500 or Dipper Dr. Pepper, it probably is not worth it.

Complete coverage

This covers the damage done to your car and truck, not due to collision with other vehicles. Lover took a baseball bat in a quarterly panel? It is covered. Hit the deer? It is covered. The car stolen from the mall's parking lot set a fire on riots. Did it emerge during the hurricane? It is covered, covered and covered. As with coverage coverage, if you create a new car or other value, the total price is worth it.

Comprehensive coverage is a good idea if you have a wonderful Porsche that may be involved in landslides.


This is the amount you pay from your pocket for repair when you make a claim Before Your insurance is valid. The higher the deduction, the lower monthly payment.

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10 car insurance conditions to know

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