2018 iPhone Launch Might Be Delayed Due To A Virus

2018 iPhone Launch Might Be Delayed Due To A Virus

Among the three new iPhones Apple announces in mid-September, the cheapest and most popular version seems to be delayed due to problems with the performance of the most important components of mobile phones. This is a successor to the 6.1-inch iPhone X LCD if you are wondering, according to various sources, it says it can not be purchased at the end of the September release. The screen manufacturing problem can be expected in the weeks after launching a mobile phone, so you need to condemn it.

However, on the weekend, a new problem to delay the release of the iPhone of 2021 appeared. Virus attacks against TSMC, which provides one of the most important components of iPhone and iPad eliminated Taiwanese companies and affected overall production.

TSMC is the exclusive supplier of A12 chips to power all iPhones and new iPads this year. The A12 series will be Apple's first 7 nm chip, which should achieve substantial performance and efficiency improvement compared to previous products far outperforming competitors.

Friday night, the virus almost stopped TSMC production, Bloomberg 80% of manufacturing tools are affected. After that, the company revived the production, but will delay the shipment without identifying affected customers. Apple is definitely the most popular agreement of TSMC and TSMC has fought with Samsung to gain exclusivity for iPhone chips. Apple currently accounts for 21% of TSMC's income.

According to the company, it is the first time that TSMC was infected due to an error spreading to the network during installation. The details are dark. Obviously, "bad operation" during the installation of the new tool enabled the virus to spread throughout the network as soon as the new device is connected.

TSMC expects third-quarter revenue to decline by 3% compared to the original forecast and gross margin will decline by 1%.

This report quotes an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein who announced on Monday in a research note that TSMC believes that all 12-inch slice manufacturing factories are infected. These are factory which manufactures 7 nm chip for Apple.

According to industry experts familiar with a series of events that were attacked by viruses, Digitimes The main 12-inch factory of TSMC is one of the factories subject to attack. Some factories were closed for 10 hours and thousands of platelets were damaged.

DigiTimes With Fab 15, TSMC said AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Xilinx, and other companies including ASIC developers are increasing 7-nm chip power to meet orders, especially around Apple.

TSMC said the shipment delays in the third quarter will recover in the next quarter.

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