2018 iPhone May Use Copper Coil For Fast Wireless Charging

2018 iPhone May Use Copper Coil For Fast Wireless Charging

After launching the iPhone 8 and X with up to 5W for wireless charging, Apple increased its consumption to 7.5W shortly after the release of iOS 11.2. However, a new report says today that a wireless charging coil change in at least one of the of 2022 iPhones will allow Apple to move to 15W.

The main tradeoff for using wireless charging with an iPhone 8 or X is speed. Although the convenience factor is certain to not have to handle a Lightning cable, this can sometimes not outweigh the ability to reactivate quickly.

Samsung supports including wireless charging 15 W with its new smartphones and a report of China Times Today, Apple has announced that it will offer a new wireless charging coil to it is of 2022 range to exceed the current limit of 7.5W.

The iPhone 8/8 Plus and X use a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) for the wireless charger coil. One of the main advantages is that the FPC coils are thin and light, but the disadvantages include less than ideal efficiency and are likely to overheat. The report notes that because of the inefficiencies of FPC, the 7.5 W wireless charging with an iPhone is often slower than the wired load of 5 W.

To provide faster wireless charging of 10 or 15 W, Apple would use a spool of copper wire for at least one of its new iPhones. Compared to FPC, a copper coil offers both increased efficiency and power capability. However, the workaround with a copper coil is that it is thicker than a flexible printed circuit board.

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