All 3 Leaked of 2021 iPhones Designs Shown Side-by-Side In New Video

Like every year, Apple’s new generation iPhones have been floating for weeks despite the fact that they have not been launched yet. I mean the dummy units, of course, that almost everyone can order in China months before Apple unveils its new products. We already know that three new iPhones are coming, including an updated iPhone X and an “iPhone X Plus” version, both equipped with OLED screens, as well as a cheap LCD iPhone that some call the iPhone 9 But we have a new video for you and shows us the three leaky designs of Apple in the breathtaking 4K detail.

If you follow the rumors about the iPhone for a few years, you may know who Sonny Dickson is. Otherwise, it has produced a lot of leaks over the years. And that’s Dickson who got these iPhone of 2021 mockups in the clip at the end of this post. Now, Dickson is far from the only person to mark dummy units from China, but the YouTube channel DetroitBorg, who created the clip, does a great job introducing his new iPhones, in light of what we already know about them.

As we have seen before, we are looking at three phones that look like the first-generation iPhone X. We have “edge-to-edge” designs on each of them, as well as notches that house the TrueDepth Face Identifier authentication camera system. The iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus are identical copies, but the Plus model has a larger screen, and as a result, it will house a larger battery. The size of the notch remains the same, which means that the ears that flank the notch are larger on the phone Plus.

The close-ups of this video offer a clear glimpse of the differences in design between the new versions of the iPhone X and the iPhone 9. The latter will have a 6.1-inch LCD, smaller than the OLED 6.5 inches from the phone Plus. but bigger than the 5.8-inch panel on the regular iPhone X. The handset will also have larger side and bottom glasses than the other new iPhone models, and this because we are looking at an LCD that may not be as flexible as the OLED

On the back, the LCD phone has a single-lens camera, which is a cost-saving measure. Rumor has it that she is abandoning 3D Touch support and has less RAM than other new iPhones.

Finally, there is another obvious design change for the iPhone 9, which concerns the SIM tray that is placed lower than expected on the right side of the phone. This is probably due to the fact that the phone is supposed to support the dual SIM card, which would be a first for the iPhone.

In about a month, Apple will unveil the new iPhones at this year’s edition of the usual Apple press conference in the late summer, and phones should be available in stores from here the end of September. Some rumors suggest that the release of the LCD model could be postponed to November because of some production difficulties, but we can not say more for the moment.

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