3 Ways Your WhatsApp Messages Can Be ‘Hacked’, Warn Researchers

WhatsApp We recently adopted measures to suppress the spread of false or wrong information on that platform by introducing the forwarded tag and imposing other restrictions on the message to be forwarded It was. However, Facebook owned messaging applications seem to need to do a lot more to protect that platform. Checkpoint researchers have found a flaw that hackers can not only read WhatsApp messages but also can manipulate them.

With evil revelations, Check Point researchers have discovered the vulnerability of WhatsApp. This allows attackers to intercept and manipulate messages sent by group or private conversations, so attackers are also helping to create and disseminate false information. " In the article on the website, the security solution company says.

Researchers warn that WhatsApp's vulnerability allows three possible attacks.

  1. Hackers can change the user's response. "Please change someone's answer so that you can say the words you did not say", he says on the blog.
  2. It quotes the response to the group's conversation and indicates that the message came from a person who is part of that group. "When you quote a message in response to a group conversation, it appears as a message from someone who is not in the group." I will issue a checkpoint warning.
  3. Send a message to the user to display as part of the group's conversation, but it is actually a private conversation.

According to this website, Checkpoint researchers have already revealed this problem to WhatsApp. However, the company has not yet addressed the solution and has not addressed this issue in a public statement.

Likewise, WhatsApp recently launched "digital literacy" to teach users fake news. We also work with fact-finding companies and news organizations to cope with erroneous information. He also granted special powers to the group 's directors. They can decide that other members will send the text to a specific group and even prevent them. You can also demote other group administrators. There is also a function to prevent adding another user to the group left by the user.

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