4 Huawei Smartphones Gets Android Pie Update Soon

Because Mr. Huawei was closely looking at Android 9 Pie, I do not know which cell phone receives updates correctly and when. Fortunately, Chinese society was kind enough to provide advice on the phone plan for updating to Android 9 Pie soon. The president of Huawei's mobile division has confirmed that the company has already started testing Android 9 Pie with four smartphones. Pro, Huawei P20, Honor 10, and Honor V 10. These mobile phones are internally tested, so there is no beta program available to users. It may take some time for Android 9 Pie to be released.

Another interesting aspect revealed by Huawei officials is that they are considering the fact that the company brings Android 9 Pie to other smartphones, but it will take time.

Unfortunately, Huawei needs to optimize both Android 9 Pie and EMUI. This is what other companies with Samsung and its own user interface must do before exposing major Android OS updates.

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