420 Tesla is open regardless of joke

420 Tesla is open regardless of joke

Tesla CEO Elon Musk apparently lost its lifespan, but actually announced enormous speculation and news during the storm of Twitter messages less than a week. Take a private VE maker. Well, with open letters and clear words, Musk has confirmed that this is not a fact, Tesla is still a public presence.

Musk said he is considering Tesla to be unpublished at a price of $ 420 in the August 7 message of a famous Twitter this year.

But in a series of follow-up messages, Mr. Musk reveals that he is serious and shows that the current investor can sell for $ 420 or continue with the shares of a private company I will. Musk said that it would cost billions of dollars to investors who did not trading shares.

However, as this appears soon following a series of communiqués and statements from various potential partners, financing was not guaranteed. Members of the Tesla Committee, It was happeningHowever, in a statement announced late Friday, Musk made it clear that the meeting had ceased.

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420 Tesla is open regardless of joke

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