A Big iPhone X Plus Leak Comes From Apple’s Software

Almost exactly last year, application developers have found certain evidence that the front design of iPhone X was hidden in iOS 11. This type of contour symobol was one of the central elements of the puzzle when we first tried to replenish the design of iPhone X for the first notch design.

Well, that story seems to be repeated enough. Last year, Guilherme Rambo, one of the developers who leaked the iPhone X glyph, released a new beta version of this year's iOS 12 release. Among other things, they suggest that Apple will launch what is called "iPhone X Plus" which last year seems to be a larger version of iPhone X.

Rambo tweeted the new iPad Pro 's glyph found in the latest version of iPhone X Plus and the PassKitUIFoundation framework for iOS 12 beta. The iPad Pro's glyph is the biggest revelation – it is a square iPad! But Rambo suggests that the size of the square is such that Apple is trying to launch a square iPhone and is sized so that it can easily be created in all sizes.

The most interesting thing is the iPhone X Plus glyph. The glyphs are large and have a larger screen than iPhone X. This enhances the idea that Apple will release a larger version of iPhone X which holds the camera's Face ID. Since it also has the normal locking button on the right side, we can assume that the iPhone without the button is not coming soon.

Overall, this leak will not tell you anything about iPhone X Plus we did not know before, but easy confirmation of getting iPhone X Plus is a big problem. Apple's iOS 12 software has more than a dozen points of schematic leaks unless Apple brings Troll's bloggers into a completely new form of art. In this case, Apple Global Security went well – this part will come back to you.

Via: Techojas

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