A terrible image of the typhoon after 25 years

The typhoon was devastating to Japan.

They called the most powerful typhoon that hit the Japanese continent for the first time in 25 years called Typhoon No. 13, and many were forced to destroy.

The government issued 49,000 evacuation orders after the typhoon hit Tuesday. According to local reports, at least 160 people were told injured and 9 people were reported to have died.

At Kansai Airport, after 3,000 tankers hit the bridge connecting the airport and the city, 3,000 people were isolated.

The photo was horrible.

Part of the above video was collected by YouTube users translated by Ma bu i (Mabui), Kyoto Station caused damage to Kyoto Station and eventually three people were injured.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the roof was cut off from the house, cars and trucks were knocked down. The gust of wind reached 215 km / h.

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A terrible image of the typhoon after 25 years

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