Add Sprint's new unlimited premium plan, Amazon Prime, etc.

Add Sprint's new unlimited premium plan, Amazon Prime, etc.

Sprint is new Unlimited plan Amazon Prime, Hulu, TIDAL, Premium Lookout Plus, Friday called Unlimited Premium including 50 GB LTE Mobile Access Point. It costs $ 90 a month.

For a limited time, we will offer $ 20 per month for Uber's race.

Dr. Dow Draper, Commercial Director of Sprint, says: "Since I've heard from customers who are looking for literally, I have planned to meet the needs of nearly all customers," This is a platinum-class wireless plan that saves about $ 500 per year annually "

If you add the second line, an additional fee of $ 70 per month will be incurred. The third line costs $ 50 a month, the fourth line and the fifth line cost 30 dollars a month.

An unlimited premium customer can get a $ 10 discount per line if you bring your own device or buy a new device at a high price.

Other unlimited sprint plans include unlimited plus ($ 70 / month) and unlimited basic ($ 60 / month). The company also offers discounts for military, veterans and their families. In addition, Sprint has plans for people over the age of 55.

Since Hulu and Tidal are also available in Unlimited Plus, the extra $ 20 you pay to Premium is basically used to cap Amazon Prime, Lookout, and Mobile Access Point limits. (Apart from this, the annual premium contract is divided into $ 10 a month).

Unlimited premium users can enjoy full HD video streaming as well as streaming music and games with no speed limit.

Unlimited Premium Sprint

Here are three splendid unlimited plans of Sprint.

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Add Sprint's new unlimited premium plan, Amazon Prime, etc.

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