Air Force, Elon Musk Smoker's 'proper process' decided

Air Force, Elon Musk Smoker's 'proper process' decided

After the day of the Internet that thoroughly dissected the use of the pot of Elon Musk, the information that the US Air Force investigated Tesla CEO and SpaceX custom since SpaceX was the launch provider of the government began to appear. However, the officials of the Air Force Hatsuko These reports are premature and the army states that he did not understand what it intends to do.

"It is not a fact that the investigation is being done, we need a process to properly handle the time and situation to understand the actual situation," an air force spokesperson said. Hatsuko.

It is one of the hundreds stories that emerged from the runaway of Musk's Joe Logan Experience podcast. Ultimately, SpaceX has launched satellites for the US Air Force and use of marijuana is banned for military personnel and people receiving government security.

Fox Business's Charles Gasparino Tweeted that the US Air Force began studying Elon Musk's smokingA story from CNBC continued. The first report seems to have just emerged Because Gasparino asked the office about this. And the Air Force proposed to follow up survey. The story starts from there and the Air Force will spend a weekend like us. It overturns a billionaire taking a weak breathing joint.

We may not be able to hear more about the official investigation next week, but as with Musk's appearance in a podcast, it may be a group …

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Air Force, Elon Musk Smoker's 'proper process' decided

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